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Welcome to our new blog site Voximperium

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Let us take a moment and welcome you to our new blog site. 

We are excited to share some of our thoughts and experiences freely. We love any and all things computer related and video game related for that matter. This includes:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Web design
  3. Programing
  4. HTML coding
  5. Video game collecting
  6. Video game ideas and programing
  7. The future of the internet and where it might go

These are just a few things we love and will be getting into on a deeper level.

Having been born in the “Nintendo” era, I can’t help but be into video games which soon lead me into computers and programing etc. Not long ago (1985) were the days of kids lining outside my door to come in and play super mario bros. because I was lucky enough to have gotten a nintendo. Literally a line of kids. I’d have to check with the parents who could come in and who wasn’t allowed. It is crazy to think of what kind of effect they had as a company on the youth of today. Hours and hours if not days on end of playing these crazy games, over and over again. Then, once you beat the game, heading to your local video rental place to go rent and try out a new game to see if it was worth putting on your Christmas wish list to get. Tell me this doesn’t bring back fun memories for some of you! For some reason, when I had the chance to get a new game, I would always grab a game that I had no idea about and probably based on what the box looked like (who does this!!!) and the game would typically not be that great. I mean, I could have bought dragon warrior 4, which I love and I knew it, but bought P.O.W. instead!!! WTF?! Can we invent a time travel machine so I can go back and slap myself in the face please! Just the value of dragon warrior 4 alone has increased since then….P.O.W., not so much! Not to mention the game play is long and better…argggg.

We also want to welcome you to make comments below our posts! Tell us your stories about video game buying flops as we love to hear them! Tell us where you are from and your interests as well as topics you would love to see addressed as we have small filters :-).

I am personally and definitely going to go into deep thoughts and conversations about SEO and how to go about it the right way, and not some of these other methods that I see that sound great but are far from effective. Results show the truth, so I will base everything off of results and not theory.

To take an even further curve, we will be going into mindset and day to day routines to maximize effectiveness. Brain foods, meditation, mindsets, paradigms, all kinds of fun nerdy details and examples. It will be a mind opening exploration and you won’t want to miss it. I  just have to get these thoughts down and into written form.


More then Just Law Of Attraction Coaching

Why would we write about Law Of Attraction Coaching? At first this would make little sense, but really due to the law of attraction we have achieved many if not all of our personal desires that we truly focused on. This can and does apply to every facet  in life. Even being a computer geek.

No matter who we are, we all have desires and maybe goals in life. Clearly if we want something that means that we don’t have it yet so we need coaching on how to achieve whatever “that” is. It has been coaching that has shown me personally a new path and given me everything I now have in my life. Most important of those is happiness and passion for life again. It is a great feeling to wake up with meaning and purpose as opposed to none. Life has really changed from being dull and uneventful,  to exciting and can’t wait to see whats next!

All that has really changed for me is direction and mindset. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it has been such a massive change. Everything I look at in life has now changed. I would say for the better. I see a very different side to a lot of things. My understanding of people and why things are what they are is so much more clear. It is had to explain without you experiencing it. All of this has come through coaching. I never expected any of this. I always thought The secret law of attraction was a little “fluffy” or just a bunch of feel good smoke and mirrors. Well I can say that it is feel good, and it does in fact feel good, or great for that matter.

I wanted to share this as this is my blog as well and feel it has been a real gift that has been handed to me, so why wouldn’t i want to share that gift with others? I can also validate that it is not just another money getting scam, it is real. I am sure there might be a few products out that are a little more about making money then helping you, but there are equally good products that actually care about helping you. www.lawofattractioncaoching.net is one of them. Matt has gone through some amazing coaching with Bob Proctor and is growing in life by leaps and bounds. He has a great free course as well as offers some of Bob’s courses that you can’t get just anywhere. There is a wealth of knowledge and possibilities here that I really encourage you to check out. Like I said Free course. I believe it is 10 days, but he actually adds on additional days for free and just doesn’t mention it. So even more bang for your buck…well, lack of bucks I guess :-). You can also follow them at Law Of Attraction Facebook

If you have dabbled in any of this but have not had success, let me just be an encourager for you to keep at it as I couldn’t be happier because of it. It really works and will work for you as well if you just keep plugging away at learning more!


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