about us

What would you like to know about us? What can I say, we babble, semi nerdy, intelligent, deep thinkers, 6’1″, single, enjoy long walks by the…oh wait, this isn’t match.com, crap.

Seriously, we want to enjoy ourselves here and have you enjoy yourself as well. Fun and games yes, some seriousness. I would like to express my thoughts law of attraction and probably will right away. Most of you will have eyes that just glaze over, but I feel it is important as it is settled 🙂

We come from a programing background, as well as personal development background. Go figure. Crazy mix but it seems to be working.

My original plans were to be a personal coach, but it looks like that may bled into something more of the field of internet. So an internet coach I guess. We will see.

I will say that I have trained with some of the top personal development coaches in the world. That is not braggadocios, but the truth. I have been very blessed and always wanted to pay that blessing forward. I feel a little of that may come out here in blogging so stay tuned.

In my ventures I got turned on to internet development. I was a gamer as a kid, but never wanted to go into coding and game development as it looking kind of boring really. Somehow things came full circle many years later and now I do website work and love it. Not sure why really, but I do. I literally have created close to 100 web sites in a short amount of time. Maybe we can get into that later.

As far as the game development side of Vox, I’m sorry but that is pretty much over. So if you are here looking for that then I appologize but it has run it’s course. Time for bigger and better things!