A Bold Attempt To Change The Face Of Crowdfunding

The next wave of crowdfunding will most likely look totally different then the current manifestation we’re experiencing. The fact is, sourcing funds through thousands or millions of small donation is the most decentralized way to raise money. In a lot of ways, decentralization makes you more resilient as a business because the more funding sources … [Read more…]

How Business Lending Has Evolved With Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is all the rage nowadays with millions of active campaigns generating revenue for just about everything you can think of. The basic idea behind crowdfunding is that it gives people who otherwise couldn’t get money for a project the ability to raise funds. These projects can include business startups, inventions, charitable causes, and more. … [Read more…]

Is Crowdfunding A Game Changer?

The concept of crowdfunding is nothing new and has been used by civilizations since the beginning of time. The idea is simple, large numbers of people donate small amounts of money to a specific cause, idea, invention, or business. These small donations from large numbers of people can add up to a lot of money. … [Read more…]