Online Gaming Requirements

The study analyzed 5,855 of the most popular free children’s apps and found that a majority of them may be violating the Children’s Online Privacy … to abide by specific requirements above and beyond our standard Google Play policies.

PC Gaming in 2018 – game system requirements, compare 2018 system specs with games from 2018 year

Do you NEED High Speed Bandwidth for Gaming? Network Myths #2Soon after Greenheart Games uploaded the cracked copy thousands of people downloaded it, and some pirates started to share their struggles online. As it turns out … customers get the trouble with always-on requirements and intrusive drm, while pirates …

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For years, autoplaying video and audio on the web has been a constant source of frustration for users. Restrictions on autoplaying content have been in mobile browsers for years, partially due to the processing limitations of early smartphones, and …

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Still, Schafer explains that he isn’t a fan of filing video games into rigid requirements or otherwise limiting what games should be because players, like developers, come from a wide variety of experiences and all get different things out of games.

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