Welcome To Voximperium And Our New Blog Site

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Welcome To Our New Site

We had a new site and then apparently our host decided to delete it and our backup, so….ya, here we go again. Fun times right!! Friggle mang..

Ok, so enough venting, welcome again for whatever time this may be. Yes, we are nerdy. That is just how it is. We collect nerdy stuff, talk about nerdy stuff, and dig deep into nerdy things. Speaking of which we really need to talk about Star Wars at some point, just saying.

We will cover actual useful content, but it is nice to mix in some fun and entertainment as well. Boring is as boring does.

Serious subjects will likely be on SEO and web design which this website will portray in absolutely no way on purpose! Isn’t it fun to talk about web design and literally be using a semi stock wordpress theme….ha! As far as SEO, this is the bee’s knee’s for what we need on it. Who needs to search for Vox? That isn’t the point of this. Maybe I just made it to vent my thoughts, not sure yet.

At some point I will be diving into collections as I have many. You guessed it, video game collections. Nes, Super nes, Halo, the list goes on and on. The prices on these things these days are insane. Makes you wish you could go back and make a few different decisions.

We may want to get a little into software development as I have a few ideas brewing for some that will help other developers in the future. I’ll let that one brew a little bit before we pop the cork on it.

That is a little about what you have to look forward to. We also encourage participation and comments so please feel free to post useful comments below our posts 🙂

Ta Ta for now!


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