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Welcome To Voximperium And Our New Blog Site

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Welcome To Our New Site

We had a new site and then apparently our host decided to delete it and our backup, so….ya, here we go again. Fun times right!! Friggle mang..

Ok, so enough venting, welcome again for whatever time this may be. Yes, we are nerdy. That is just how it is. We collect nerdy stuff, talk about nerdy stuff, and dig deep into nerdy things. Speaking of which we really need to talk about Star Wars at some point, just saying.

We will cover actual useful content, but it is nice to mix in some fun and entertainment as well. Boring is as boring does.

Serious subjects will likely be on SEO and web design which this website will portray in absolutely no way on purpose! Isn’t it fun to talk about web design and literally be using a semi stock wordpress theme….ha! As far as SEO, this is the bee’s knee’s for what we need on it. Who needs to search for Vox? That isn’t the point of this. Maybe I just made it to vent my thoughts, not sure yet.

At some point I will be diving into collections as I have many. You guessed it, video game collections. Nes, Super nes, Halo, the list goes on and on. The prices on these things these days are insane. Makes you wish you could go back and make a few different decisions.

We may want to get a little into software development as I have a few ideas brewing for some that will help other developers in the future. I’ll let that one brew a little bit before we pop the cork on it.

That is a little about what you have to look forward to. We also encourage participation and comments so please feel free to post useful comments below our posts 🙂

Ta Ta for now!


Free Law Of Attraction Coaching

I would be crazy to not share where you can go and get a free 10 day law of attraction coaching lesson right?! I feel I would be. But I’m only semi crazy so I’m going to share it with you 🙂

attract wealth and abundance

I didn’t get to a better place in life until I implemented the law myself. Both financial and emotional have improved on a great level for me. Now why would this matter to you? I feel because I was stuck in a rut like a lot of other people. Wanting more out of life but really not knowing how or where to go to get more. Seminar after seminar, getting good information but just not having any of it stick and work long term. What was missing?! In my opinion it was the coaching. There are a lot of great coaches and gurus, but they really tame things down and make them very “fluffy” so they will appeal to the masses. This obviously makes them a great deal of money.

Things changed for me when I got a no nonsense coach that just told it how it was whether I liked it or not and just laid everything out that I needed to do. None of it was necessarily different from other things that I had heard, but just pitched different to where I could understand it better.

The rules and laws are fairly simple and they work whether you believe them or not. Once you know them you can just sit back and watch others, understanding what they are doing wrong which is why they aren’t getting what they want. It’s like turning on a light in your head and it is a beautiful feeling.

I got introduced to a great way to start and it is called The secret law of attraction 10 day free course. It will give you a no nonsense taste of what you need to do to get started. It will also give you paid options to accelerate the learning. There are some additional freebies, but I don’t want to just give those away, go look for yourself.

You can also get ahold of this free course through the Law of attraction Facebook. Matt was trained by no other then Bob Proctor himself and it shows in his personal coaching. He also offers some more advanced programs so there is a little of everything for all your needs.

Please, do yourself a favor and start to go after your dreams again in life! There is no greater feeling at all! If you have been wishing to find a way, HERE IT IS! I could seriously be writing all of this just for you because you have been intending it. Don’t look at it as chance, know it is here for a reason and follow it. It is free to try, so what do you have to lose?!!

Let me know your experience in the comment box below.


The secret law of attraction

law of attraction facebook


Search Engine Optimization And What It Means To You

Search Engine Optimization


    The world is changing and those who adapt to technology will end up winning.  As the human race moves closer to singularity the pressure to adapt to the upcoming technology will increase.  If you’re a small business owner who isn’t embracing the digital age you will be left behind.  There’s only a few business models I can see surviving that do not adapt to the new futuristic trends. 

    One of the biggest areas of change is the social media and internet space.  There has never been more competition in the market and advertising is more important than ever.  The best way to advertise is on the world-wide web.  Digital marketing is all the rage because that’s where the people are.  Kids these days do not read books or the news paper, instead they sit on their tablets all day and surf the internet.  More than any other generation, these kids are nearly immune to advertisements.  In fact, studies show the traditional forms of advertising just don’t work anymore.  Smart kids and millennial recognize that you are trying to sell them something almost instantly. Their response is to simply “tune you out” and ignore anything else you have to say.  This can be very problematic for business owners seeing to reach new audiences, especially the coveted 18-25 age group.  These are the future leaders of this country and it’s critical that you get your message out there to them young. 

   The best way to reach these future buyers is through advertisements in which they appear to be real information.  Even better, make that information that they believe they found on their own.  For example, if you’re looking for a great place to eat and you ask you friend what their opinion is, that information will carry very large weight in your decision-making process. 

    Now take an example where the same person looking for a place to eat is driving down the road and notices a billboard for a restaurant.  How much weight will that hold in your decision-making process?  Probably not a lot because your subconscious mind knows that you could simply pay to advertise your restaurant on that billboard.  In reality, the fact that a specific restaurant is on a billboard means nothing in regard to the quality or popularity of the eating establishment.  The important point to make is that all advertisements are not equal, and certain mediums of advertising will yield much better results than others.  There are also different buyers, but those with buying intent, will do certain things before they ultimately decide to make a purchase.  This small but important distinction will make all the difference in achieving actual conversions to your product, restaurant, or whatever item your selling. 

   Now you may be asking yourself, what in your opinion is the best form of digital advertising?  My answer would be topicture of a Businessman writing Growth search engine optimization focus on advertising that is not advertising at all in the buyer’s mind.  Also, I would want that medium to have a strong buyer intent.  This amazing way to increase conversions or sell more products is organic Google rankings.  The reason organic Google rankings are so valuable for your business is because people who search the world-wide web actually perceive when they find something on Google it’s their naturally or organically.  They feel that search engine results pages are unbiased and are there to deliver them accurate information.  It’s important to note, that most search engine results pages include paid advertisements through Google Ad Words or other systems, but Google users instantly recognize these as “not real results” and upwards of 95% of the time avoid these listings.  This means the most valuable position on the page is the first organic search engine listing. 

    Those of you who are internet savvy know that in the last few years Google has been introducing a whole new category of results.  These results are called the Google Pack.  Originally show up to 7 results, the new Google Snack Pack only shows 3 results before the page transitions into website rankings.  In most cases, the Google pack will rank above traditional website rankings.  The reason being is for most local geo modified search queries the searcher is attempting to find contact info, hours of operation, menus, website links, and other simple things like that.  Google has recognized this and streamlined the process by allowing 2 results per business per page.  Sure, there are ways to rank other social assets and other sub URL’s on a website, but for this discussion lets assume we have 2 per company.  If you’re a business owner, the goal would be to rank your Google listing #1 and then your website # for the organic results.  In reality, excluding the paid ads, this would give the business the #1 and #4 position on the SERPS. 

   If you study average traffic flow to each SERP result you would know that this person would receive about 40% of the Google traffic at this point.  Studies also show that this traffic is unique in the sense that it contains 1 thing other form of advertising traffic does not.  The buyer has an elevated level of trust in the product because they perceive that the product, service, or business they just found was found naturally in an unbiased way.  To a search engine optimization expert like myself we know this is not the case, but to the average search engine user this is.  You may be asking yourself, “ what does this have to do with my business?”  The key point I am trying to drive home to you today is that the best traffic you can get to your website would be those coming through organic search rankingsThese people feel as if they are reading an unbiased add and in most cases they have buyer intent.  I can’t overstate the importance of having the buyers guard down when visiting your online store or brick and mortar business.  This strategy will greatly increase profits and customer conversions.  That’s why I highly suggest that all people hire the best SEO Company in your area.

    A Good way to find the best firm in your region is to type in “Your City” and the word SEO Company.  For example in Portland Oregon you would type in “SEO Portland“.  The person who comes up #1 in the search rankings for that term is most likely very good and can help you with your website and listing.  One thing to remember is that if they can rank #1 for a difficult term like that, ranking your listing or website for your specialized niche should be very easy.