Why Computer Nerds and Gamers Make More Money

Why Nerds Make More Money

Common knowledge in the business community is that playing videos and computer games is a waste of money. While I agree these activities can take up a huge amount of time, there are not entirely worthless. One has to consider that while playing video games a person is actually training his hand-eye coordination, sharpening the mind, and learning skills that will apply to real life.

Consider the online RPG video gamer for this first example. He spends his day buying, selling, organizing, taking orders, supplying leadership, focusing, battling, and controlling territory. In a lot of ways, he’s essential living a simulation of life, with a little different rules. While some will dismiss this fact, I for one learned many of the fundamentals of money management from a video game called Asheron’s Call. This legendary game was one of the original RPG’s (role playing games) and was well ahead of its time as far as complexity and gameplay. In this legendary simulation, one could create a character, manage a bankroll, buy a house, organize clans, and control territory. These skills are similar to the skills one must master in real life in order to live and thrive in our modern society. Managing your cash flow in this game was similar to how it must be managed in real life. Each house had a “mortgage payment” that would come due on a specific date. If one did not pay the payment, then he would lose possession of the house. Does this remind you are of real life or what? I owe a large portion of the skills I know today from my years of playing the game Asheron’s Call.

In the internet marketing space, almost all of the biggest players are former online gamers. For some unknown reason, the act of playing videos games online feels similar to the process of making money online. In a lot of ways, it feels like a game that one must master in order to open the floodgates of Federal Reserve notes into our lives. Studies show that other professions also have large amounts of computer nerds and gamers including programmer’s, home security companies, surgeons, drone pilots, and anything else where someone must use precise hand movements to excel. The hand-eye coordination developed during the years of video game playing can translate into a useful skill-set. Another would example would be a security camera installation service or home security service. This person must have an extreme attention to detail, as well as the ability to install and operate video monitoring software. In the old days, when you played a computer game there was always a large amount of tinkering one had to do to even keep the game up and running. Our addiction to the online game forced us to go to great lengths to troubleshoot and figure out why our game was not operating correctly. Once we figured out the problem then we went to work searching for a solution. As an old school Windows user, I can recall going to great lengths to get Asheron’s Call back online. In fact, I remember almost going into a panic when my video game was down. These crucial troubleshooting skills still stick with me to this day.

The question then becomes, “why do computer nerds and gamers make more money?” The technical nature of these types of skill sets favors the individual who immerses themselves in this technology. As a long term computer user, the process of working online begins to become second nature. Like anything else, in the beginning, the learning curve can be steep and very slow. Although, after years of immersion in the subject one learns additional information that puts that person in a league of their own. As one continues to immerse themselves, your knowledge of the subject will begin to increase exponentially, until eventually reaching the point where it’s nearly impossible for anyone to understand your expertise on the subject. In fact, you may find it hard to even explain what others do because of the technical nature of what you know. As the year flash by, I continue to expand my knowledge of the online and digital worlds, but no matter how much time has passed, I will never forget my roots. The years of online gaming I did have forever changed my life and allowed me to become the person I am today.


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