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2016 has been a record year for emerging technologies, and 2017 is set to break even more records.  If you feel that the pace of technology growth is getting quicker then you are correct.  As technology continues to get more sophisticated, the pace of development will increase.  One of the biggest emerging trends of 2016 is Pokemon Go.  This ingenious iPhone application allows people to play video games using the GPS feature of their cellular phone.  Essentially, the game is the first to combine both real world and virtual play.  In order to find “Pokemon’s” and other achievements you must actually go to certain GPS locations in real life and snap a photo.  To many this seems ridiculous, but for others this gives them a golden opportunity to leave their house which they might not have otherwise had.  In fact, many of these gamers spend almost the entire day indoors playing videos games under artificial light.  During the first week of Pokemon Go our town was flooded with players running around our downtown core taken photos with their cell phones.  Without Pokemon the majority of these people would never leave their home unless they had too. 

The next big emerging technology of 2016 is the Tesla self driving electric cars.  Seemingly out of nowhere, Tesla has emerged as the biggest player in the electric car market,  Plus, Tesla’s are equipped with a self driving (computer driven) feature.  Unfortunately, for electric cars to be convenience the power stations must already be in place.  Tesla made the bold move to be the first large company to begin establishing their very own electric power stations all around the United States in key areas.  The owner of Tesla is a man named Elon Musk who was a prominent player behind Paypal and a few other venture start ups.  Now he focuses the majority of his time to Tesla and the goal to create complete electric car infrastructure within the next few years.

Another big emerging technology is the crowdfunding industry.  Crowdfunding has been a while for a while, but recently new companies have entered the space with fresh new ideas.  One of the biggest features implemented recently by a company named SmashFund is the ability to create a social media account and promote your campaign.  This simple addition makes all the difference for people trying to get the world out about their passion, cause, or invention.  Plus, SmashFund CEO Rob Towles also implemented a revue share feature that gives people an incentive to promote the platform through cash payouts.  This simple but effective method is a great way to increase your organic reach quickly.  Truth be told, internet markets are only going to promote your product if there is a way for them to benefit.  By setting up a profit share system SmashFund has set itself apart in the market.  The other nice thing about SmashFund is its simple fee structure is less confusing then some of it’s competitors. 

That’s my list for the top 3 big emerging technologies in 2016.  I hope you found this list helpful and don’t forget to have a great day. 

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