What Is A Good Ping Speed For Online Gaming

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However, your internet speed isn’t necessarily as important as you might think to your overall gaming experience. What is important though, is that you keep your latency down and your jitter to a minimum.

Do you NEED High Speed Bandwidth for Gaming? Network Myths #2Dec 23, 2017  · Basically, I have a high-speed online game. When I run network tests, I’m getting from 50 – 300 latency, depending on who I connect to. Question – for…

Online … gaming). Many websites claim that you need a decent high speed internet connection of 8mbps + but in reality this is rarely the case. The most important thing is that you select servers close to your location as you will have a …

Preffered ping for online gaming. … The speed of your internet has little to do with ping. … .20Mpbs Upload and around 40-60 ping good enough for online gaming?

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Mar 06, 2006  · Ping is all realtive to your connection, and the server you are playing on. I would consider a ping of less than 50 as good. Less then a hundred, as decent. ANd less then 150 as the end of ok gameplay.

Apr 11, 2010  · Well I just took one of those internet speed tests and it says that I have a 34ms PING. So is that good or bad?

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